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SL art!

Series: ES21
Characters: Jyuumonji x sena

More doujin pages! Because I realized while trapped at my table at otakon that I had penciled a bunch but not inked them.
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SL strikes again

Series: Naruto & xxxHolic

Fancy black and white prints I shall be printing on metallic paper and selling at conventions.

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E21 - Jyuusen
Doujinshi pages 2+3

Jyuusen doujin WHUT?

E21 - Jyuusen

ok so at some point this term I got myself together enough to write a Jyuusen doujinshi its going to be included in an anthology hopefully. But I decided to post this up here for everyones enjoyment, look forward to updates. Its around 10 pages long.

Pero's remember I  love you right???!

haha never ends

Eyeshield 21 - Jyuusen sorta... + Monta!

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art art art

Eyeshield 21 - Jyuusena
Reborn - Ryohiba (4 peros!!!)
Reborn - Levia (Kinda not worksafe???)
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D.gray-man - Rabi yuu!

Yay procrastination x2!
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The dark side has better cable

Amatsuki - Kon Toki!

Not eyeshield!
Stupid shiroro and her stupid hot manga! D:
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SL art from SW

Xxxholic - Donut
Eyeshield 21 - Hiruma x Shin?

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Return to Fandom yo.

O_o I don't even read the manga or watch the anime anymore.
But the teni_challenge comm is like. . . the most tempting comm EVAR after the creation of 30_kisses. Every week the mod throws us a challenge and we need to draw something. It's SO FUN. But. . . it's only PoT. >_> Ehh I guess it's a good excuse for me to draw PoT more again. . . heh

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